A CIO’s Second Agenda

In this article, George Colony sheds light on how a Chief Information Officer can (and must!) build a second agenda of Business Technology (BT) that focuses internally on supply chains, financial systems, and administrative technology aside from managing the company’s IT agendas. CDOs will not run BT and neither will marketing be in charge of all customer technology. Because of the close synergy between the IT and BT agendas, the CIO and his/her staff must skillfully manage both.

The ‘Other’ Agenda

CIOs should execute the BT agenda in collaboration with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). And this agenda is critical, in the sense that most organizations would literally fall without it.

Colony states that if you are a CIO and the prospect of managing BT feels daunting, don’t panic — it’s still early. I recently gave a speech to 500 CIOs from the Benelux countries. When I asked the question “Do you think you should be driving BT?” almost all the hands in the room went up. But when I asked a second question “Are you ready to build the BT agenda?” only 20% said “yes.” This voyage is just beginning.

But it is time to get moving. I was recently with the CIO of a large NY investment bank. Here’s how he saw the picture: “The IT agenda is under massive cost pressure here at the bank — that’s why we are pushing into the cloud and turning to virtualization. But I have almost unlimited money for the BT agenda. That’s happening because our CEO is terrified of losing customers.”

It is indeed time to get the ball rolling. And now is the time for CIOs to spin two plates at the same time: build the BT agenda with the CMO while organizing IT efficiently.

Read the Original Article: http://www.cio-asia.com/mgmt/leadership-and-mgmt/the-cios-second-agenda/

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