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6 Ways Marketing and IT Collaboration Boosts ROI

There is a strong show of evidence to support the ROI improvements that can arise from IT and Marketing collaboration. In a post by Jack Newton, Director of Outbound Product Management & Strategy for Oracle, those benefits are quantified, displayed, and explained.

Leveraging the “Social”

The Oracle-run study on socially driven collaboration shows that companies are really leveraging the “social”. Organizations that don’t promote a culture of collaboration are missing out – and it’s costing them. Results of increased collaboration that hit directly at the bottom line are as follows:

  1. Stronger/more compelling marketing messages (54% Marketing; 51% IT)
  2. Faster speed to market with products or services (47% Marketing; 43% IT)
  3. Greater adoption of the products or services offered (40% Marketing; 42% IT)
  4. Reduction in project costs (23% Marketing; 36% IT)
  5. Fewer defects in products or services (26% Marketing; 27% IT)
  6. Increased share of budget (13% Marketing; 17% IT)

As shown by the list above, marketing no longer sits alone as the primary logos for social business collaboration. From these stats, a compelling case can be made for social business activities to align with ROI operation measures – (note the percentage of improvements based on “Speed to market” (#2) and “greater adoption of products or services” (#3)).

In fact, most IT and marketing leaders report that they have increased collaboration efforts over the past 12 months, making it imperative to catch this collaboration trend before it runs away with the competition.  

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