5 Smart Supply Chain Trends for Sustainable Business

The march for sustainability continues. Since it both minimizes sourcing risks and makes for great PR, sustainability is good for business just as it is good for the Earth. James Cooke writes for The Guardian about five trends being seen at the fastest growing supply chains right now:

  1. Demand-driven
  2. Customer segmentation
  3. Centralized supply chain information
  4. Supply chain analytics
  5. Omni-channel

Growing Like a Sustainable Weed

Companies have begun using “demand signals” like product bar code scans as the basis for production and replenishment planning. Customer segmentation meanwhile can be costly and time-consuming, but determining the unique demands of individual customers can pay visible dividends, as seen at Dell. Centralizing supply chain information has numerous benefits. It provides a clear, end-to-end perspective on processes, and when partnered with the right software, can be used to create simulations of what will happen in the event of disruptions. This ties into another overarching trend of supply chain analytics, which is starting to be able to take prescriptive measures in a variety of circumstances.  Lastly, omni-channel blurs the lines between direct sales and online sales fulfillment, creating opportunities for items to be handpicked from stores to fulfill online orders. To read about these trends in further depth, you can read the full article here: http://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/smart-supply-chain-trends-sustainable-business

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