Why the CIO Rebirth is Like The Wrath of Khan

It seems like CIOs are waking up from a deep slumber, much like Khan in his titular Star Trek appearance. In an article at InformationWeek, Peter Warehouse breaks down the ways that CIOs could sympathize with the villain, as well as what they can do to avoid his fate.

Taming the Ego

Stability and keeping the lights on were once chief concerns of the CIO. But in the blink of an eye, times have changed, and now mobility, DevOps, and the cloud have become the measure of competency. To keep on top of these new developments, Warehouse says we need to act as if we have Khan’s “superior intellect.” You need to assimilate the opportunities provided by things like big data and the cloud fast for the betterment of the business. Likewise, you should employ Khan’s versatility, looking for exciting and innovative ways to enhance your offerings. Providing software and APIs for products that allow partners to build mobile extensions is a great example. Warehouse then shifts gears to talk about Mr. Spock for a moment, citing a quote:

“Logic is the beginning of wisdom…”

“… but not the end of it.” CIOs will follow this Mr. Spock gem by complementing (and challenging) instinct and intuition with the insights hidden in massive amounts of data. To get there CIOs will push for investments in the timely capture, analysis, and exploitation of information — yes, through technology, but also by hiring and training people with data analysis skills. With legacy system architectures mismatched to mobile needs, logic further dictates that secure cloud adoption will accelerate with the increased adoption of open, secure APIs and analytics.

Speaking of wisdom, Warehouse says CIOs need to be practical and not succumb to their own egos like Khan did. Yes, CIOs should be ready and willing to incorporate every new idea under the sun into the business, but not at the cost of overextending resources and making promises that cannot be kept.

For more colorful comparisons and thoughtful insights, you can read Warehouse’s full article here:

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