What Your Boss Really Wants From You!

You are an efficient, productive employee who has been with your company for so long now and has always followed company protocol, rules and regulations. Will these be enough for you to make it big in your organization? The answer would be NO. Yes, you can certainly make a case for yourself – performance-wise. Performance can objectively be quantified. But, like it or not, evidently your fate lies on your boss’ subjective assessment. In ANY company, it is your manager or supervisor and his/her personal opinion of your work that will determine the difference between you getting promoted with added benefits and incentives or…well, getting fired. In this article for the Manila Bulletin, Ruben Anlacan Jr. tries to unravel what truly is the ideal behavior, what subordinates are supposed to do, and what are the reasons why company heads fail to precisely communicate these things.

How to Decode Your Boss’ Expectations

It may all seem very simple to please your boss but in reality it is a little bit more complicated. There are, of course, numerous ways to get in your boss's good graces and improve more on his/her approval of your production by cracking the codes to some of their expectations of you. Now, unless you want to get the boot, you can follow these instructions:

Do what the boss is instructing you now and not after you finish your other tasks. Unless there are urgent tasks, do what the boss wants immediately and not after you finish what you were doing. It is irritating to the extreme for a boss’ request to be put on hold.

Do not put your boss on the spot. Another pet peeve of managers is when you put them in a situation where they will encounter problems. Technically, you may be following the rules if your boss has the authority to override the rule, but by letting your boss face the irate customer, you are putting him/her in a difficult situation. Handle the problem yourself without overreaching your authority.

Observe your boss’ preferences. What is appreciated by other managers may be repugnant to others.  At work, you should focus on learning how your boss would like subordinates to behave.

It is best not to write off management just because you thought they failed in imparting what needs to be done properly or the right way to act when it comes to your superiors. This could even be the one essential to jump-start your career and get you where you want to be. By putting forth the effort as an employee to observe and know what the boss actually wants and not simply making wild guesses can help you reap rewards in the long run. It builds trust and, therefore, builds a connection with your manager that you can capitalize on in the foreseeable future.

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