Wanted: Project Managers!

These days, project managers are naturally fleeting. They look for the next big thing, the next challenge more often than not. They usually are short to mid-term thinkers and are always on the move. They are intense to analyze a project, implement it and then move on to the next one as soon as possible. According to Divina Paredes of CIO-Asia.com, there are ways to combat this. One way an employer can reduce turnover and attract high-caliber PM applicants is to keep them involved with a pipeline of appealing projects. And in the IT world, several IT-focused organizations exclusively adopt agile methodology for their projects to become engaging.

PM qualifications…

Recently, the demand for experienced project managers with agile methodology experience has abruptly increased. It now seems agile is the methodology of choice in the industry. This shift garners much attention because changes in job requirements and skills have a direct impact upon the match between a PM and the role itself. And here are some of the clear-cut requirements needed to adapt with the IT industry shift:

Per sector, there is also a rise in demand within the financial services sector for project managers that have regulatory experience. There are several deadlines looming for their financial services clients, which are looking to get their processes and systems compliant. People with strong organizational skills, a methodical approach to work and who have influence within the business are well set up for a successful career in project management. There is also consistent demand across all sectors for project managers with large scale transformation experience, due to an increase in merger and acquisition activity and a growing, more confident economy and business climate.

Strong organizational skills. Systematic, disciplined and influential. These are just the right ingredients to have tremendous success as a project manager. But, of course, it does not stop there. Managers should still focus on enhancing these skills. Any business company that helps its PMs to shape competencies and polish their influencing skills is on the right track.

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