The Human Element of IT

Suresh GP, in his blog, makes us refocus on the true value of the human element of IT in business and its results. The significance of human beings have become lackluster due to the emergence of technological processes and the continuous evolution and visualization of the world today. But, basically, he says that this is not the case. Suresh GP shows us that humans are still an intricate part of the equation of how IT works as a tool in business processes and delivery. Real people are still instrumental in making things actually happen.

Here are some points to consider in identifying the human element in IT:     

Acknowledge people as real assets

Leadership has always been associated with people who lead from the front and enable followers to join hands and make things a reality. There are ample instances in history to confirm that many ordinary people have delivered extraordinary results because of their vision and dedication. Within organizations, human resource management has been entrusted to retain the talent pool amid “churn” or personnel turnover.

Use the power of collaboration

Technology may do a lot of heavy lifting, but it takes people coordinating their efforts across borders and following an agreed upon strategy in order to produce real results. That makes human ingenuity the star of the show, not technology.

Help people win “together”

The greatest of accomplishments in this world have been possible because of the collective efforts of people to win together for higher purpose. Help them understand how the win will create a difference for each one of them and for the organization at large.

Any organization still needs individual contributions from employees, the real people “behind the scenes”, the ones who make the technology work as tools, and still deliver (as well as manage) quality service altogether. IT companies should still recognize said input from human workers because it just shows us that it still works to be human.

Read the blog in its entirety: http://www.hdiconnect.com/blogs/servicemanagement/2013/03/the-human-element-of-it.aspx/

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