The Biggest Takeaways from the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

There has been much discussion already of Sloan’s most recent CIO Symposium. So many good ideas came out during the presentations that people are still scrambling to put it all together. But that is what Jeff Boehm has attempted to do in a post at DataGravity. He assembles and discusses some of the best notions he heard at the show.

Food for Thought

  • “IT doesn’t support the business; it is the business”
  • Align around the outcome – which is the customer
  • Fear of digital disruption is overtaking fear of failure
  • Entering a second machine age about the control system; embrace it!
  • There’s lots of opportunity, if you’re willing to take it

The quote at the top comes from Adriana Karaboutis, CIO of Dell. It reminds us that IT needs to align with the business as much as it can, even if there are still many organizations with a silo mentality. To phrase it one way—make it IT’s business to understand what is going on with the business. New technology should be implemented for the specific goal of helping customers. Identifying problems and outcomes needs to take precedence. However, Boehm notices a unique new fear getting in the way, the fear of digital disruption:

In the past few years, IT leaders balanced the potential upside of new technology with the fear of failure around trying something new. However, those same leaders are now balancing fear of digital disruption with the fear of failure. One example cited was that CIOs are more willing to invest in new technologies out of fear of being “Target-ed” – as in what happened to retailer Target with last holiday season’s security breach, the consequences of which are still not yet fully felt.

Boehm says we need to embrace the changes, especially as we head into a new machine age where, for instance, wearable technology will upend healthcare. We need to stay optimistic about what is around the corner and take advantage of change wherever we can. You can read Boehm’s full post here:

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