Supply Chain Traceability Critical for Restaurants

When you sell food products for public consumption, but you misrepresent what is going into a human being’s mouth, there is going to be trouble. The horsemeat and halal meat scandals were just that—scandals—and Melodie Michel writes about what to do to improve traceability in the restaurant industry.

Follow the Food

People like to know what exactly is in the food they eat these days, and it gives them peace of mind to know where it comes from as well. Just look at Five Guys for instance, who will regularly display on the wall where their potatoes are coming from on a particular day. Sourcing produce locally both reduces associated risks and can often lower costs, but the key in any case is to keep the supply chain simple.

Michel says there are five things to consider when selecting suppliers. First, suppliers need to be able to provide information about product origin and processing methods that you can share with the public. Full product traceability should always be available on demand. The supplier also needs to understand what specific cuts and types of produce you use. Keep checks on how often suppliers change the source or mix of ingredients in processed foods. It is up to you then to vary your sources according to seasonality and market price.

You can read Michel’s full article here: http://www.bighospitality.co.uk/Trends-Reports/Supply-chain-traceability-critical-for-restaurants

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