Should Company Outings be Mandatory?

Is it time to shake your iron fist and demand attendance at the delightful company outing you have you planned? Shala Marks weighs the pros and cons, so you can use her insights to be the judge.

Have Fun!… or Else

Mandating an outing ensures better attendance and a chance to build social skills. Most importantly, it means the team will have an opportunity to build a rapport; this is important because many offices are situated in such a way that team members barely see each other face to face. On the downside, mandating outings could make employees resentful, especially if it takes them away from something else they would rather be doing. Forcing them to do something is sure to affect their performance if they do not end up having a dazzling good time. Basically, it sounds like a mandate will only be successful if you have taken great pains to make it as accessible and fun an experience as possible. You can read Marks’ full article here:

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