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Lean vs Prince 2, Kanban vs PMBOK – the difference in methodologies

In this valuable refresher, Karen Munro of Project Management Insight shares a brief but valuable overview of methodologies often found in project management. In particular she focuses on Lean, Prince2, Kanban and PMBOK—sharing differences between the methodologies, frameworks, and process improvement methods in such a way that anyone can benefit from reading.

Munro begins by explaining that you can’t just choose a methodology at random and expect it to do what is required: instead, you must carefully plan which methodology will have the most positive impact, and then work from there. But how can you know which is the best fit? Munro states that you must first have a great understanding of your business requirements. Project methodologies, Munro explains, discuss risks and issues, while process improvements do not. Deciding that tracking and handling risks and issues can help you determine what kind of methodology you’re after. Also consider if you want to have strong project management:

Project plans are another requirement for strong project management.  There is nothing within the business improvement frameworks that asks specifically for a project plan.  Do you follow a planned method of working through the process improvement, especially when using Six Sigma, yes you do.  And do you define how long you believe each part of the DMAIC process is going to take, yes you do.  And do you get your process stages signed off, before you move to the next stage, again, yes you do.  But if you were to ask a Six Sigma Black Belt for what a PM would expect to see as a ‘project plan’ he/she will tell you that they don’t have one.

So, as Munro is clearly pointing towards, it’s important to have methodology like Prince2 or PMBOK, but also to have a complimentary system, perhaps, that allows you to cover for the missing elements of both. Read the full article here:

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