ITIL = Good Career in Service Management!

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is not only an accepted method to IT service management (ITSM) worldwide, it also stresses on aligning those IT services with business needs. The recognition of ITIL has grown tremendously over the years. And this article from Shiksha.com sheds light on the fact that it has become more and more comprehensive and accredited, while also becoming an important evaluation tool for different types of jobs. ITIL has been accepted by many multinational organizations and users such as NASA, the UK National Health Service (NHS), HSBC bank and Disney, among others.

ITIL Benefits

The many benefits of ITIL in the technology industry have been certainly well-documented. It is not only a chain of documents used to aid the implementation of a framework for ITSM in a number of global companies, but has also gained a wide range of quality service providers supporting it like examination institutes, accredited training providers and consultancies, software and tool vendors. Its many benefits include: improved IT services, reduced costs, improved customer satisfaction through a more professional approach to service delivery, productivity, use of skills and experience, and delivery of third party service.

Career Prospects…

Being that it has been accepted globally, ITIL then gets you trained, prepared and no doubt certified for the ITSM field. A number of quality jobs are available for you to choose from when you undergo ITIL certification. ITIL Configuration Manager or Release Manager, IT Developer or Engineer, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Architect SQL and even Metrics Analyst are just a few to mention. Successful program accomplishment of ITIL gets one many opportunities and leads to many career choices that are worth taking a look at. This might be very helpful for one’s shot at career growth.

Read the Original Article: http://www.shiksha.com/information-technology-infrastructure-library-itil-article-4623-1

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