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IT Mistakes: Failure is Not an Option

If you’re running a small business, you simply can’t allow old IT. As Michelle V. Rafter explains in an article for Inc., IT mistakes can be critical for businesses of any size. But add a struggling economy to a tech-savvy marketplace, and on top of that the vulnerability a small business entails… well, you get the picture. And it’s not pretty.

Out with the Old

Speaking with seasoned experts in business start-up and IT consulting, Rafter underscores the absolute necessity of throwing away the dinosaur technology and stepping into the present day. To quote a paraphrase of Michael Kraner, CEO of Primary Support:

Whatever business you’re in, you’re in the technology business…If you can’t collect on overdue bills because your computer crashed and you didn’t back it up adequately, you’re hurting yourself financially, and that’s not a good situation to be in, especially in tough times.

Rafter then goes on to list several ways in which small business owners neglect their technology requirements. Here’s the quick run-down of some key points for keeping your business up and running:

  • Create a disaster recovery plan. Pretending that technology will always work is the Achilles' heel of IT. Be prepared for something to go wrong (it will) and make your operation invincible.
  • Take security matters seriously. Unfortunately, IT security is in an infinite regress, with attackers getting smarter and security measures needing constant upgrade. The latest defense: intrusion prevention systems (IPS). It’s an acronym worth remembering.
  • Keep tabs on your IT staff. You can do this by hiring an outside firm to do IT audits. But don’t hire the cheapest possible outside IT firm to do the auditing! Furthermore, Rafter supports Kraner in the practice of quizzing vendors about security and bookkeepers about client data.

Remember, the real enemy is the willingness to neglect IT functions to the extreme. Rafter assures that you don’t have to be the first on the block to use new tech, or the savviest, but you do have to keep-up with the times. The alternative spells failure.  

Read the full article here: http://www.inc.com/managing/articles/200810/mistakes.html

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