How to Maximize Satisfaction & Minimize Costs? Balanced IT

Chris Morris of CIO-Asia.com discusses here how Asian CIOs realize that, in order to meet demands to innovate more quickly as a means of increasing profit, an effective and efficient IT department that operates within a framework of processes is needed. But exactly how can this target be met, when added requests from Line of Business (LOB) managers are being added too? LOBs want a say in how and what IT is delivering to their customers. This is where external resources come in. More so, the substantial test seen here is to modify how traditional IT is being managed.

Major Concerns

1. How will internal IT departments and external providers step up and deliver effective and efficient management of IT services that are essential to achieving business objectives? Sometimes internal IT will not be the technology service provider of choice for the enterprise

2.To what extent will future business service provision consist of brokering the capabilities of external service providers? The challenge lies here: CIOs become brokers of services for business, sourcing the best solutions to meet LOB demands. However, that role presents challenges in service delivery management.

Fortunately, leading IT departments have in the past few years begun to position themselves as 'service providers' rather than technology managers. Instead of building out IT infrastructure to support what the business wants or needs, they are defining “services” as a way to package everything, from projects, applications, infrastructure to processes.

New services must be able to meet both efficiency and effectiveness metrics. Much of what the business units now want are being sourced externally, and this is what CIOs and IT managers must face. They need to understand how demanding that internal customers are around technologies that enable the business transformations required to sustain business growth. And those transformations are basically for IT environments that increase their service delivery capability, along with effectiveness and efficiency, in their distribution of these transformational technologies to their internal customers. This is definitely achievable through technology optimization and innovation.

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