A Must-Have in the Workplace? Time Management!

Time flies. This is certainly true, even in the office. Ever wonder why you’re always in a hurry to meet deadlines and complain about your endless workload? In this article for the Manila Bulletin, Ruben Anlacan Jr. sees the only solution to this dilemma is to learn how to manage your time efficiently. This is easier said than done. Even so, there are some battle-tested tactics in time management you can actually use.

Prioritizing, getting ahead and saying NO…

Prioritize. You can prioritize properly with these key words: 1) necessity and deadline; and 2) practicality and workability. When you say necessity and deadline, you need to find out the most crucial task that you need to finish immediately. Find out how you can balance them in your schedule.

Learn when to say ‘no.’ Know your limits. If you already have a lot on your hand and your schedule will not be able to handle any more, do not accept additional workload, or at least advise your boss about your situation and that you will get back to it immediately once you clear your list.

Get ahead of time. Managing your workload will require you to set a schedule and get your work done ahead of time. Do not wait for the last minute before you start working on things.

Always learn practicality in terms of what specific tasks you CAN actually finish. Managing one’s time is simple when you get used to do it like a habit. Always try to accomplish jobs that are physically possible to do at present. Do not idly wait for things that are needed when you can already start doing other tasks. Time is always valuable in any organization. Never waste it. And finally, learn when and how not to accept additional labor. Saying “no” because of your workload would actually mean that you know time management, and that you value the quality of work that you present to your bosses.

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