4 Ways CIOs Should Approach IT Change

Change can be a real pain. Sometimes, by the time you have finished implementing a new technology into the business, an even better and newer technology is already available. What can CIOs do to stay sane? Paul Wohlbelen has four tips to keep you out of the psych ward a little while longer:

  1. Reduce duplication.
  2. Simplify the computing environment.
  3. Consolidate.
  4. Implement service models.

Changing the Way You Change

Streamlining processes to reduce duplication is a big way to make your job less complicated. Look where what is happening in one place can be applied to facilitate something in another spot. Wohlbelen also believes that having too many different types of devices leads to more points of failure and higher maintenance costs, so you should try to create homogeneity among devices where applicable. Consolidation is difficult, but attempt it wherever you can, even if just in data centers and email. For implementing service models, Wholbelen has this to say:

Like consolidation, a service model can support deduplication and simplification efforts. Moving to a service model, such as cloud computing, forces the CIO to identify opportunities for the strategies mentioned earlier. It also presents an opportunity to reach outside the agency to constituents and government partners without the capital cost of modernizing a large computing infrastructure.

Improvements to infrastructure are often necessary in order to satisfy the myriad demands of customers. The road ahead will not be easy, but, well, when has it ever been? You can read Wohlbelen’s full article here:

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