27 Tips for Teleconferencing

If you want to get into the real minutiae of conference calls, Anne Zelenka has the article for you. She has devised 27 tips at Gigaom for making teleconferencing a fresh experience again.

A Veritable Library of Tips

If the callers are techies, Zelenka recommends using voice over IP services like Skype or Gizmo to hold calls. You can consider buying a headset for conference calls if you want to eliminate other people hearing you. If you plan on exiting the call early, say as much up front. Know that it is probably best to cancel a conference call if the most important people scheduled for it are no-shows. But also, do not assume people are not on the call just because they did not announce themselves. You could land yourself in hot water if you say the wrong thing with the wrong person listening. To read many more practical tips, you can read Zelenka’s full article here:

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