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10 Steps to Align Your Company for Peak Performance


Lacking Alignment


Many organizations today are dysfunctional. They may have good people, attractive products, valuable services, and even smart strategies, but the various aspects of their organizations do not cohere. They have conflicting priorities. Different departments work at cross-purposes. Goals and strategies keep changing, and resource allocation rewards political gamesmanship. These organizations are not aligned, and they pay a painful price for it in the marketplace and in their employee disengagement and attrition.

Unfortunately, in our experience, most leaders do not know how to align an organization. They might work hard to communicate the organization’s values, vision, and goals, but they don’t work systematically to make sure the organization is aligned.

This is the working premise of Bob and Greg Vanourek’s article. In truth, aligning your company (in the case of IT, aligning ourselves to the mission and direction of the company as a whole) is of paramount importance. Without alignment, it doesn’t matter how well your IT organization performs: you are not contributing to the overall mission of the company.


Ten Steps to Align


To that end, the authors provide ten steps you can follow to align your organization and unlock high performance. They include things like having a mission, clear values and goals, understanding what the strategy of the company is and what people you need to achieve that strategy. It also includes creating action plans that can be followed and which are consistently updated and re-evaluated.

The article goes on to explain how alignment isn’t a once-and-done exercise, but rather a mindset that must be revisited constantly in order to assure that all parts of the business—again, in our case including IT—is maintaining that alignment and working as a whole to achieve greater success. Read the full article here:

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