Uncommon Ways to Impress Your Boss!

In any company, whether it is a big organization, or a medium-sized enterprise, or even a small-scale startup, the future of your career clearly depends on the relationship you have with your superior/supervisor. Common sense would say it is always best to get on the good side, on your boss’ good graces. The problem is doing so without looking like a bootlicker or suck-up because most methods have already been done to impress head honchos. Majority of business leaders, managers, people in charge, etc. already know these ways. They have seen most if not all of them. These include even the common ones like coming to work early and working hard. The challenge is to find the unconventional practices and, as Ruben Anlacan Jr. writes in this article for the Manila Bulletin, you can find them if you really put the effort to look. Here are some:

Be flexible when needed.

The attitude of saying “I will do it!” and volunteering your services, even if it is not stated in your job description, deserves lots of merit.

Be consistent in coming early to work and do not be too eager to leave.

Be at your workplace 30 minutes before the time. If you will be coming from a far place, it would be better to be there even earlier. You may think that not being tardy is hard enough to do—but if you factor in the stress of trying to make it on time, in the long run, it is easier on your health. Besides coming in early, you could also show your commitment by staying or maximizing your time before leaving or, if possible, working past the usual hours. Management remembers that kind of behavior and it will form part of their opinion on your productivity.

Going the extra mile usually reaps rewards, especially in the workplace and eventually your entire career.  Getting ahead is partly a numbers game. The more attempts you make to attain your objective, the better your chances are in succeeding. The way to get ahead, to get the edge over co-employees in the eyes of your boss, is to apply an ‘out of the box’ approach to any scenario. Being there when your boss needs you, and (certainly in most cases), even when you’re not needed. Working past your usual normal working hours. Showing the boss clear support and that you always have his/her back. All these and more fresh ideas or the most uncommon ways can win the boss’ favor.  

Read the Original Article: http://www.businesscoachphil.com/five-uncommon-ways-to-impress-your-boss

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