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The Service Desk 2017 and Beyond

The Service Desk Institute (SDI) has released a meaty new white paper, produced by Howard Kendall and Daniel Wood, about what the future holds in store. SDI says that the service desk is generally seen now as the “primary customer interface” for when guidance and help are needed. What will this role entail in the years to come?

Answer: A Lot of Things

The white paper covers a large range of topics, but its goal is always to paint a vision of how the service desk might function in 2017. It begins by talking about the next wave of technology. For instance, parts will be easier to replace, and computers will be able to self-remedy to an extent. As hardware and software become more tightly interconnected, support will stop occurring on a product-by-product basis and instead become a product in its own right.

Another major claim made is that the service desk will not be fixing computers in 2017, because endless YouTube tutorials and quick Google searches are more useful than logging a call. Instead, the desk will act as a preemptor, monitoring systems, keeping on the cutting edge of technology, and passing that information along to the business. This idea is echoed elsewhere in the white paper, in talking about the customer:

The real shift here also is in ‘Customer Power’- mainly due to the growth in mobile user-friendly technology. Because everyone now buys and uses technology in a far more savvy way than they did 5 – 10 – 15 years ago – there is a far higher level of expectation of both what this can do, how to use it and also how this will be supported and serviced – at a personal level… The service desk will be at the centre of the technology Business and Personal Relationship – we’ll continue to need great people to deliver excellent service to an ever more demanding customer.

Many more bold predictions abound in the full white paper. If you have a minute, stop by the PDF and see which ones get your eyes popping:

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