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The Impact of Project Communication Management on Project Success

Communication is a core aspect in project success. Implementing a project communications management plan will ensure that the right information is delivered to the right person at the right time. Only then will project team members and stakeholders be coordinated with the goals and actions of the project. Author Ivana Zuber shares some of her thoughts about project communication management in this article. 

The Basics

As mentioned by Zuber, a project communication plan includes:

  • information about stakeholder communications requirements,
  • description of information that is exchanged (including form, content and level of detail),
  • person responsible for providing and sharing information,
  • person or group of recipients of information,
  • method of transferring information (in writing, by email…),
  • communication frequency (daily, weekly, monthly),
  • communication procedures to the higher management level (escalation),
  • procedures of improving the project communication plan during the life cycle of the project,
  • and a dictionary of terminology associated with the project.

Know Who’s Who and Who Gets to Know What

When creating a project communication plan, it is necessary to know who receives what information. Here is where stakeholder analysis comes in. Know which and how stakeholders relate to the project. At meetings, make sure to the right stakeholders attend the right project meetings.  Doing so will make sure that stakeholders aren’t crowded with unnecessary information. In addition to stakeholder analysis, confidentiality factors also come into play in project communication. A confidentiality agreement, specifying who has the authority to access certain information, should be signed with the customer at the start of a project, and is consider good practice, advises Zuber.

Successfully executing a successful project takes teamwork and effective communication. Having a solid project communication plan will facilitate a smoother and efficient working throughout the whole project as the project deliverables are handed in a timely manner.

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