The 5 Reasons We Give Up

If every effort we ever undertook was a smash success, we would all be flying spaceships on Mars by now. But those spaceships still elude us, and people giving up is to blame. But why is it that we give up? Marshall and Kelly Goldsmith break down what they see as the five main reasons why people call it quits.

Five Reason to Forget It

  • Ownership
  • Time
  • Difficulty
  • Distractions
  • Maintenance

Ownership means not approaching a change program with a, “Eh, let’s try it out and see if it works” mentality. The Goldsmiths say that only you can make a change work, so you must develop the attitude that you will definitely see this change through. These things take time, which is in itself a problem, because people tend to give up on changes once they realize it is a bigger time investment than they had anticipated. Start getting realistic about your timetables upfront so that you do not get discouraged later.

The same principle applies to difficulty. Something that sounds simple at the outset can prove to be pretty challenging once you really get into it. But you should just use that difficulty as justification for why what you are doing is important. Do not let get distractions stop you, and do not put work aside assuming that distractions will eventually disappear; distractions always happen. Just keep working through them.

But once you do achieve your goal, then comes the problem of maintaining that new status quo. To be successful long-term requires a commitment to that change. Otherwise, you are just left with a quick fix, which feels good for now but will leave you feeling even worse later. You can read the Goldsmiths’ full post here:

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