Outsourcing? You May Want to Check This First!

The recent economic downturn worldwide has weakened most, if not, all types of businesses, including Information Technology companies. Loss of profits, layoffs in workforce and other issues demand the need for quick and efficient solutions. Two of the fastest, most reliable ways majority of big businesses look into are offshoring and outsourcing. This article from outsourcinginthephilippines.com delves more into the heart of the matter by first differentiating the two:

Outsourcing simply means hiring a freelance, contract worker to fill a business need

Offshoring refers to outsourcing work to another country–usually because cost benefits are significant

One region that is always in the radar for most organizations, for simple reasons such as strategic location and cost-cutting, is Asia. The Philippines, a highly intelligent and educated populace combined with an old-fashioned work ethic and most having exceptional English skills, is still one of the top destinations in this region pursued. Filipino workers are well-known to be efficient, tireless and willing to abide by rules and stipulations given to them. The quality of work have also been proven by just doing a little detective work on the Internet and you will find out a wealth of information about the reputation of many outsourcing businesses that specialize in linking a Philippine worker with an American company or any company elsewhere in this case. With regards to services, Filipino workers also rank high on the list. Voice services like IT help, customer service or telemarketing may demand highly fluent English speakers. This is where the workforce in the Philippines excel than most Asian countries because of their ability to be articulate, fluent and have “no accent” when they speak.

The article goes on to enumerate some things to reflect on before you decide to look for an outsourcing partner, particularly in the Philippines:

– Short term contracts

– Specialized skills

– Willingness to negotiate fees

– Educational background and degrees

– Experience

The list of outsourcing pros and cons can go on and on, but if you really do decide to find an outsourcing partner, you cannot go wrong in choosing a business-rich country like the Philippines, the article concludes. Some of the best, brightest and most creative employees are Filipinos. The country thrives with its world-class workforce, skilled and reputable. Outsourcing partners, like those based in Manila, continually demand jobs due to their constant excellence in labor, vigorous work ethic and adaptability to all kinds of pressure situations. And, face it, the amount of money saved without sacrificing the quality of labor is certainly worth looking at.

Read the Original Article: http://www.outsourcinginthephilippines.com/9-things-to-look-for-in-a-philippines-outsourcing-partner/#.U2rbiPmSxWF

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