Is Team Building Crucial In Transforming Your Company?

Ruben Anlacan Jr., in this article for the Manila Bulletin, simply writes about how most recognized organizations (of course, IT companies as well) already know the need for group activities such as team buildings are essential in altering one’s business into what you want it to be and how results are produced for you in the end.  Fewer comparable methods aside from team building can deliver the same outcome, while others (such as planned processes) take so much time in analysis, realization and, eventually, actualization. Small establishments continue to adhere to the same time-consuming techniques which deny them the best strategic resource – personnel capability.   

The article goes on in discussing suggestions that banishes the thought that team building is a waste of time and money. Some effective measures to guarantee the quality of team building and how it can really transform people are:

Define realistic objectives. Since many of the objectives are intangible, it is difficult but still doable to set targets. Take the time to first work out this issue. To do this, make a list of desirable outcomes and design activities and other measures to achieve your goals.

View team building as a continuous process. One of the main causes of team building failure is to think of it as just a fun activity undertaken once or twice a year. While the exercises are a vital component of team building, they must be viewed as just the starting point for the team building process. The day-to-day actions of the team that must be monitored and managed to push the team building agenda. Review each team member’s actions to see if there are indeed improvements. There must be reminders and corrective measures to keep things on track and to build momentum.

Much encouragement and guidance can also help develop trust in all levels in an organization. Motivation in employees mostly include the need for incentives and rewards. This is when you bring out and can find hidden talents within the team and actively pursuing traits and skills are very useful in management. Cooperation, compliance and total team effort are also key ingredients in making sure team buildings, or any kind of organizational activities work for that matter. You as a manager or a leader will also display your real commitment to this kind of activity if you have the willingness to make hard, taxing decisions in safeguarding it. Finest service and results usually depend on how you effectively transform your company… this is where real team building comes in.

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