How Can I Ease the Transition into Promotion?

As Sean Connery once proclaimed in Finding Forester, “You’re the man now, dog!” But how do you be a man amongst the rest of your dogs, now that you have been promoted? Whitson Gordon writes an article about keeping both your man- and your dog-status. First, talk to other managers to learn about the behind-the-scenes, administrative stuff you need to know to be successful. Do not make any sweeping changes right away, and talk to your staff about any and all the little things they would like to see improved. Delegate just enough of your work so that you can be productive without having to hurry through tasks. Inevitably, your work relationships with former peers will change, and you might want to pull back on being too social to avoid a lot of unintended consequences. You can still be a dog, but a manlier dog. For more details, you can read Gordon’s full article here:

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