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Cure Your Service Desk with Customer Experience

Have you logged a ticket? If not, you might have a hard time getting the service desk to help you. But John Rakowski says in a blog post at Forrester that placing so much emphasis on metrics and anything-measurable does not actually indicate whether the service desk is doing a good job.

Asking the Right Questions

IT needs to support users and guide them in the ways of making the best of the technology available. That becomes an increasingly tall order as BYOD takes over the world. Rakowski’s solution is to get people-centric, and he adapts Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CXi) for use by the service desk. His framework asks basic, informative questions such as, “Did the ‘interaction’ meet your needs?”, “Was the ‘interaction’ easy?”, and, “Was the ‘interaction’ enjoyable?” Getting the answers to these questions allows IT to understand customer perception, the fundamental most important element to running a good help desk.

You can read Rakowski’s full blog post here: http://blogs.forrester.com/john_rakowski/13-05-20-cure_your_service_desk_with_customer_experience

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