CIOs Must Adapt or Risk Being Replaced

The Changing Role of the CIO

Technology is ever-evolving and moving at a rapid pace and now, more than ever is present within almost every function within an organization. With this rapid change, it is more of survival of the fittest for CIOs. Not only do CIOs need to focus on internal and external technology strategies for the business but also on how technology is changing the competition and how to pioneer the company for continuous success with this change. Tom Kaneshige of sat down with CIO veteran Michael Keithley and discussed the challenges CIOs face now and the consequences for those who refuse to make the shift.

It’s Make-or-Break

We are now in a time where cloud computing takes rein in how business gets things done. Keithly, CIO at Creative Artists Agency in Hollywood, California, says that he has gone from using traditional IT to now letting his users to “use whatever tools, devices or technologies they need to get their job done.” Of course, using the cloud will bring up security and compliance issues, but that are things that every CIO has to deal with.

If you want to succeed as a CIO, it is crucial to embrace upcoming technology and acknowledge the changing role of CIOs. To CIOs that refuse to change and use security and compliance as issues to not move forward in the cloud business, Keithly says:

“In effect, you can, you should and you have to if you really want a future in this profession of being a CIO. The cloud is an unstoppable force, and the users are going to do it whether you like it or not […] To put your head in the sand and say, 'I'm not going to go down the cloud path' or 'I'm not going to make the investment to be able to relate to my C-level peers' is just a prescription for being replaced.”

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