CIOs & CFOs: Team Up to Empower Business Users

Nurdianah Md Nur of CIO-Asia.com looks closely on how today's group of competent, diligent CFOs need to join forces, working hand-in-hand with their respective CIO counterparts in each organization. This is to ensure both will focus on meeting the modern business users' evolving need, as well as empowering them consequently. In IT companies, usually the decision-making on software used falls solely on the CIO's shoulder. But these days, business users prefer to have their choices and desires incorporated on what IT solutions are needed, and this is what drives CFOs to step in and take charge in the decision-making process.

CFOs can do so by assessing if the IT solution will be able to help their organization meet their business goals. Since new IT solutions might introduce risks to the IT infrastructure, CFOs need to work with CIOs to ensure that the solution is securely deployed and that the use of the solution complies with regulations, if applicable. Martin Fitzpatrick, Qlik CFO for Asia Pacific, says that “the modern organization is driven by collaboration, where everyone plays a part in driving the business forward, [In short,] modern CFOs need to understand the needs of business users and work with CIOs to fulfill that need in a secure way.”

He later added that “a business discovery platform empowers everyone across the organization to access and analyze data to create insights and solve their unique business problems.”

So, To Empower Business Users…

For one thing, CIOs and CFOs need to deploy a business discovery platform. It can certainly change the traditional way because this type of platform also enables users to reconstruct data in new views and create new visualizations on the fly for deeper understanding, unlike traditional business intelligence tools which produce static reports. With each business unit being able to improve its performance through the insights gathered from the platform, it will ultimately lead to overall business growth. This is where the true value of data comes in when it can help to achieve business goals – and with two minds working as one, the CFO and CIO can help realize this for any company.

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