Are you facing IT hiring difficulties?

Information Technology talent is the grim demand for business organizations – this is the one necessity that almost every technical article today points to lately. In this article, from PC Connection for CIO-Asia.com, expounds a little bit more on how challenging it really is to find skilled IT capacity nowadays, much more with the incessant growing demand in the workforce. That poses the question: what can an IT employer do to solve this? The article also gives some essentials to reflect on such as: should you retrain your current staff, hoping they don’t move to greener pastures? Or should you try to fill your open positions with new talent from a technical pool where unemployment hovers around 2%? Of course, there are no easy answers.

The troubles in hiring in IT today are increasing together with the workload. Employers, organizations and IT companies complain daily of the shortage of skilled applicants to fill positions. These following situations should also be addressed:

  • You need an extra pair of hands on-site, to catch up with your workload.
  • You need to relieve your internal staff for a special project.
  • You need extra help until you fill a permanent need.
  • You need someone to fill in for an extended employee leave.

Yes, IT leaders need relief from these circumstances, IT projects deadlines, etc. Help certainly does not come easy and cheap. The article even suggested that hiring contractor might the most feasible solution to all of these. Employing contract workers and, even IT business consultants, for a specific amount of time just to be able to meet corporation goals and targets. According to the article, on average, it takes a company 12+ weeks to fill a permanent technical position and for developers, DBAs, and engineers, this time can double. And this is what most companies in IT would really want to solve and, ultimately, get the job done in less time. There are multiple number of ways to resolve this, obviously, the task is to find the right ones that fit and solve your company’s business needs.

Read the Original Article: http://www.cio-asia.com/resource/featured-blogs/are-you-facing-it-hiring-difficulties/

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