6 Steps to Transform a Service Supply Chain

Tim Richardson of manufacturer Edwards writes an article about making your supply chain into the secret weapon of your business. He measures it out into six steps.

From Good to Great, Great to Outstanding

Take ownership
Create a strategic understanding
Align and integrate
Consider an inventory re-profile
Take a global view
Inhabit your customers’ world

Support from the top needs to guide the supply chain and give it clear responsibilities. Work to develop a template that lets you define service requirements in terms of supply chain performance. When seeking to align and integrate the business, you will likely find that operations around the world will have to differ in their processes in order to achieve the same end goal. Understand the geography and the laws to make the most informed decisions.

Resist the urge to plant silos around the world and instead be thinking how you can act agile on the global scale. Real success comes from optimizing the whole supply chain, not from bolstering one segment in isolation. And lastly, you should seek to understand what the customer wants and needs, and build your competitive advantage around it.

To read about these six steps in their full depth, you can read Richardson’s article here: http://www.supplymanagement.com/analysis/features/2014/six-steps-to-transform-a-service-supply-chain

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