5 Tips to Save Time with Microsoft Office

Melissa Esquibel has five quick tips for making your time with Microsoft Office a stroll in the park.

Strut Your Stuff

In Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, you can use Save As: Template in order to create reusable templates for files you put together on a regular basis. With Outlook 2010, you can use Quick Parts to turn actions of yours that would normally take multiple clicks into a one-click action. Furthermore, when you know there are certain emails you will never read right away, you can actually create “rules” that will intercept them before they hit the inbox and folder them automatically for you. When you have to put together a lot of information in PowerPoint, you can save time with formatting by just using Outline on your left to type out your information; the slide formatting will then take care of itself. In Excel 2007 and 2010, you can use table styles in the Styles group to put together helpful automated tables quickly. These tips were found here:

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