4 Ways to Work Much Faster –Without Sacrificing Quality

There are never enough days in the week, so Siimon Richards writes an article for Forbes about making the best of the time you have.

Quality and Quantity

You let your work expand to take up the time you are given, so start using a timer and give yourself only a set amount of time to finish work. Race against the clock to push yourself forward. Next, pretend your day ends at 11am, and hurry to finish the most pressing work on your plate. If possible, plan to work an hour a day at home, because it removes you from an inundation of workplace interruptions and noise. Lastly, try to do unimportant tasks within ten minutes, those trivial, repetitive tasks that feel a lot like fly swatting. When you program yourself to work faster, it has been suggested your own self-satisfaction increases. Give it a shot! Richards’ article can be found here:

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