Top 10 Guidance Tips for New CIOs and IT Leaders

Lessons from a New Leader

New to the CIO world? This post by Isaac Sacolick—at the halfway point of his first 100 days as a CIO—is just the thing to help you avoid some of the real-world concerns and problems that a new CIO faces as they begin their career. The first piece of advice is to ask lots of questions. You’re certainly doing this for yourself, but asking questions can also help others see the answers to those questions in a new way, or potentially uncover a problem that went previously undiagnosed.

Prioritization is Key

Sacolick also suggests a keen eye towards prioritization, finding ways to contribute early, and listening. Zeroing in on priorities and understanding business cycles are also key ingredients to a successful beginning as a CIO. He goes on to share that you shouldn’t expect not to lead for the first hundred days. Point in fact, from day one you should be setting up your leadership role:

Don't expect to sit in the back seat even though you're the newbie. Your team, your colleagues, and your boss expect you to step up early. Will you be perceived as just the tech person, or as someone with a broader business understanding? Whether and how you participate is key to everyone's early perceptions.

You should also look to find the issues that are currently “on fire” and put them out. Not only does this help establish how people will perceive your style of leadership and involvement, but also helps in clearing the way for bigger initiatives without the nagging pain of a long-lasting problem.

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