Supply Chain Worker Rights: From Good Intentions to Implementation

Globalization has supercharged the rush to build the biggest and most comprehensive supply chain, and some of the workers that keep the chain going are getting trampled along the way. Bill DiBenedetto writes an exhaustive analysis on overseas worker rights, both on how things are improving and why improvement in one place can cause degradation in others.

Double-Edged Sword

Working standards in China have improved, adding value to supply chains and creating better jobs. This has had the unfortunate effect of causing other countries to lower their standards in order to attract business and stay competitive. In order to really dig into working conditions, a shift away from sweeping audits and toward working with individual factory owners is occurring.

DiBenedetto proceeds to discuss two case studies pertaining to Unilever and Target respectively which can be read in the original article. He concludes by looking ahead to the advent of what will be a “hyper-transparency” where technology very quickly reveals good and bad conditions throughout the supply chain. Sooner or later, the workers will receive the rights they deserve, because it will be too hard to ignore violations. You can read DiBenedetto’s full analysis here: http://www.triplepundit.com/2014/04/supply-chain-worker-rights-good-intentions-implementation/

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