Risk Management

Risk Managers: The Last Line of Defense

Forever Aware

Project managers must be aware of potential risks before, during, and for the next upcoming project. As Michelle Symonds explains in this post, at the heart of project management is risk management—and risk management demands an almost super-vigilance. This vigilance comes from looking beyond the project, talking to team members regularly, and looking deeper into potential problems than what you might feel is necessary.

An interesting point brought up in this post is that risks can be good—even though risks are almost always discussed in a negative way. Symonds explains:

Whenever risks are talked about, the assumption is that they’re bad. Modern risk management also looks at the positive risks, the things that could help you project, not just the things that will hinder it. Considering the positive risks with your team can only raise moral, and the happier the team, the better they work.

The Right Response

The post then discusses, briefly, the ways to respond to risks, which includes avoidance, minimization, and acceptance. Each of these responses have the “right” time to be deployed, and knowing when that particular time is can make all the difference in the success of the response.

Read the full post here: http://www.pmhut.com/risk-management-for-project-managers

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