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New to Project Management? 5 More Things You Should Know

If you’re just starting out in project management, be sure to take in all the advice you can get. It’s hard work, complex, diverse, interesting but also extremely rewarding.  Author Elizabeth Harrin offers career advice for those new to the project management game.  

1.     Know what’s a showstopper.

Showstoppers are things that prevent your project from reaching its objectives. Realize these issues early on because doing so can save serious time and money.

2.     Manage risk.

There is always the potential of risks impacting your project. Your job is to know how to handle the situation when it goes wrong. Actively manage these risks and have an action plan to properly deal with the risks if and when they arise.

3.     Learn to cope when things go wrong.

 It is important to have a process for dealing with bad things happening. Deal with problems calmly and professionally, and learn to make adjustments. Ask for expert help from the right people and find ways to solve the problem(s).

4.     Understand the benefits.  

Projects are done to improve things so make sure that your project’s benefits are something that will be useful to the company. Check to see that the project still aligns with current business strategy.

5.     No one will understand your job.

Like Elizabeth mentions,

If you can get a mentor, then get one. If you can’t, read everything you can, research good practices online, attend training and take some certificates. In fact, do all that even if you do have a mentor. You should never stop learning and developing professionally, even when you’ve got lots of experience and people are asking you to mentor them. Project management is basically about building good relationships with other people to get things done, and as every project and every person is different, there is always going to be something you can learn and take forward to your next piece of work.

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