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Model-based testing tools

The Evolution

The evolution of software testing is exactly where this presentation by Olli-Pekka Puolitaival begins. As the presentation shows, software testing began with manual testing, then moved to recording, then scripted testing, and then keyword/actionword testing, leading eventually to where we are currently with model-based testing.

What Is Model-Based Testing?

Model based testing is a process where test cases are generated “in whole or in part from a model that describes some (usually functional) aspect of the system under test.” So, in layman’s terms, it’s testing the individual parts and actions of a system to assure that each piece works. The presentation also goes on to explain what offline model based testing and online model based testing looks like, and how they differ.

The presentation then goes into detail about each element of model based testing, including:  

  • Modeling

  • Test requirement section

  • Test generation

  • Test concretization

  • Test execution

and then shares the main benefits of model based testing, including better test quality (as humans are not involved in the process), saving effort, and easier test suite maintenance.

The presentation then shares a series of possible tools to perform model based testing and how they differ from eachother. Check out the whole presentation here

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