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IT Departments Are a Dying Breed

Is it Time to Call the Next of Kin?

Are IT departments really on their way out? Some certainly think so, but even more think that it isn’t so much extinction as much as a paradigm shift. IT is very used to having the final say in everything technological in a company—but that’s changing as more and more areas of the business embrace what is known as “shadow IT” (operations previously in the realm of IT which are now performed by other departments).

The problems stem in part—as the article’s author Steve Ragan explains—from business wanting a fast solution while IT wants a solid solution (that is, IT wants to take time in working on a project in order to be sure that it works correctly). Instant IT, however, has its own problems, namely that security and compliance is often an issue when the instant IT model is embraced. This explains why “many larger organizations embrace the process of instant IT, but with limits.”

Competitors Everywhere

The competitors of IT organizations are outside of the company, and go by the names of Google and Rackspace and Amazon. It’s time for IT to view itself as an insular company competing with these service providers:

IT is part of the company, only now they are just one business unit among many, and need to adjust so that they can co-exist with the others. However, depending on the business objectives and needs, if IT didn't exist, odds are the company would be fine. But that isn't universally the case.

It wasn't always like this, but times have changed and the rapid advance of technology has moved IT from being the center of connectivity and resource management to being a one of the providers.

Read the full article here and ask yourself: is your IT department really changing with the times, or is it just hoping that things go back to the way they were years ago:

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