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Is Your Fleet Aligned?

An Easy Way to Tell

Want an easy spot-check to determine if your team is aligned? Craig Sroda might just have the tool you need to do so:

Using a whiteboard, write the objectives of the company on the left. Outline the applications and systems in place on the right with the major functions of the company.

Brainstorm recommendations and options that may achieve objectives, choose the top five and then drill down into each option to determine who would be responsible, who that option would impact, and who would be responsible for implementing it.

This sounds easy, but it’s amazing how much of an impact it can have on a team. As Sroda explains:

  Well the big win for everyone are the discussions that take place as team members pick the two “Top 5’s” and discuss why they earn those spots.  They debate the relationships between priorities and which priorities take precedence over others regardless of whose priority it is.  The key take away is that people often want to do their projects but don’t understand the objectives of the company.  This exercise opens up communication and eliminates success barriers because if an executive’s project isn’t in the top 5, he or she knows why.

Make it Easy

A regular whiteboard session like this is a positive way to see what’s happening in an organization and whether the objectives of the company are in the forefront of people’s minds. It also allows for great communication and the expectation of that communication regularly.

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