Innovative CIOs Show How to Make Money With IT

IT as Money Maker? 

Is it possible to make money with IT? Well, of course it is, just so long as you know how to go about it. As this article on explains, there are several notable CIOs across the world who are making money for their companies—and oftentimes it comes down to remembering the basics of business and customer satisfaction. As Diane Frank (the article author) shares, some CIOs are using IT to boost showroom sales, or selling homegrown software to other companies; while others are creating valuable data that salespeople can use to pinpoint markets.

Two Examples

One notable CIO is Kim Hammonds of Boeing, who managed to position her IT organization in such a way that it can win government contracts:

Boeing makes its money in two very different markets. The commercial air division sells planes and related services, while the defense division relies primarily on winning government contracts. CIO Kim Hammonds has spent the last few years positioning her group to make it easier for the defense sector to achieve that goal, and they are succeeding. In 2010, Boeing's UK defense subsidiary won a $1.1 billion contract to support the British Ministry of Defence's sea, air and land logistics. The organization that is providing that logistical support: Boeing IT.

Even in markets that aren’t traditionally IT heavy, CIOs have a great opportunity to become money makers. Consider the housing market and CIO Nicholas Colisto. Colisto recognized that home buyers were more and more apt to search online for houses, and that the majority of realtors at the time didn’t have a strong online presence for houses on the market. By creating a pilot program that allows users to choose floor plans, design elements, and other such specific details, Colisto was able to fundamentally shift how homesellers are getting their homes in front of potential buyers.

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