How to Reduce & Manage Stress at Work

Your ability to deal with excessive stress can mean the difference between success and failure in your work. An important thing to always remember is there is one constant factor that you can always control – YOU! You can’t control everything in your office, but you can certainly learn how to manage your job stress thus not letting it interfere with your productivity.

A group of authors from Helpguide.org enumerates tips on how to reduce AND at the same time manage your overall stress levels and the stress you find on the job and in the workplace:

Tip 1: Recognize warning signs of excessive stress at work

Tip 2: Reduce job stress by taking care of yourself

Tip 3: Reduce job stress by prioritizing and organizing

Tip 4: Reduce job stress by improving emotional intelligence

Tip 5: Reduce job stress by breaking bad habits

Do not ignore warning signs such as feelings of anxiousness, irritation, depression, fatigue or even loss of interest in work and trouble concentrating. The earlier you deal with these warning signs, the better chances you have of managing your own stress levels and the more you’ll be productive at work.

How do you reduce your stress at work?

Read the Original Article: http://www.helpguide.org/mental/work_stress_management.htm

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