Have you forgotten something – the Service Desk?

Service Desks are Your Best Asset

As IT keeps changing and expanding, it’s easy for certain elements to get left behind. For instance, Barclay Rae has noticed that the service desk seems to be getting the short end of the stick. As Rae points out, Service desk are (and should continue to be) and important part of any IT organization:

are part of the IT ‘supply chain’ which includes engagement, development, design and transition, but we all constantly complain about how new services don’t get properly handed over and given early life support – yet we don’t see much discussion around the importance of involving service desks in these debates. Service desk is almost seen like a separate industry, compared to ITSM, when in fact it’s at the centre of what we do.  We spend a lot of time talking about agility and efficiency of development – yet the handover and release/introduction part of our lifecycle is rarely mentioned.

A Customer’s First Touch

Furthermore, service desks are “at the forefront” of the customer experience, and they are also a community—a community that has standards and frameworks which are understood by that community.

So what does it matter if the service desk isn’t the first point of contact for customers? According to Rae, it’s a matter of perception. Even if “service” itself is much larger than the service desk, it still acts as the ambassador for customers. Without it, businesses are missing a vital part of the customer relations.

Read the full article and learn what’s going right and wrong with service desks:

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