Filipino CIOs: Do Away with that ‘Old Mindset’

Information technology heads in the Philippines sees one main roadblock why competitiveness, as far as IT capabilities are concerned, persists as being less advanced (when compared against) regional counterparts: the unwillingness to fully embrace technology, thus, continuing a level of stubbornness in which most businesses do the “traditional way” of running their operations. ZDNet’s Melvin G. Calimag further elaborates on how Philippine CIOs are frustrated that both business owners and employees remain entrenched in doing things the old way, despite technology’s role in driving the local economy.

CIOs not only need to develop managerial skills in order for them to be effective, but they also have to incorporate the ability to discern the best technology strategy best suited to meet the needs of the business as well. Advancements in technology come very fast, therefore, the ability of the CIO or IT head to discover, adapt and implement the right technology path is very critical.

Most enterprises in the country tend to wait around for other aggressive players before they adopt certain processes, concepts and technologies. This has to be put to rest and IT leaders should fully appreciate and try out different evolving technologies as they come.

Read the Original Article: http://www.zdnet.com/philippine-cios-see-traditional-mindset-as-biggest-hurdle-2062204820/

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