Develop that Winning Personality to Advance Your Career!

What do top employers look for nowadays? Someone with the right skills? The right qualifications? Perhaps. Someone with the business know-how and savvy that any organization can take advantage of? Of course. But, according to most company heads, these can be taught. These can be trained and well instilled in any worker. One’s attitude, though, his or her persona is an entirely different thing. Personality is actually the sum total of the physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristics of an individual. It does not only refer to the way you look and how you dress up, but also refers to your total package: how you converse, how you socialize, and how likable you are.

Yes, an impressive CV would only take you so far, if you are gunning for a definite position in a company, but having a pleasing personality would certainly close the deal. This is one of the top characteristics of employees that majority of recruiters search for. When you look at job ads, you more often see this words: WITH PLEASING PERSONALITY. And this article from the Manila Bulletin by Ruben Anlacan, Jr. shows us exactly how to achieve that.

First aspect of personality development: Impressions

ü  Knowing your physical qualities, strengths, and weaknesses.

ü  Establishing your personal brand and packaging.

ü  Improving your communication skills.

Second aspect of personality development: Business etiquette

ü  Managing professional interactions.

ü  Learning proper meeting decorum.

ü  Practicing ideal behavior in the office.

Growth in personality often equates to career growth as well. It bodes well for anyone to be well-developed in all aspects encompassing one’s identity moving forward. Carrying yourself well, learning how to discern effectively, and poise under pressure, these can never be taken for granted in hiring a complete-packaged worker. Having a positive outlook will definitely boost not only yourself in your career but will gain bonus in your personal life too.

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