CIOs and the Digitizationof Business

The World is Online

The world wants to do business online, and the CIO must be poised to take on the responsibility to make their company in line with that desire. As Michael Krigsman explains in this article from ZDNet, the trend has been coined by Gartner as the “digitization” of business. To put it simply, it means that saving money isn’t necessarily the only thing IT should be measured on—or will be in the near future.

The Next Era of IT

As Krigsman explains, digitization is the next era of enterprise IT, where digital leadership, business models, and partnerships with colleagues will be where IT focuses its time. But is the business ready for this kind of innovation? Krigsman shares a story where he attempts to onboard a CFO with the idea of IT becoming more than an expense:  

Of course, bridging the innovation gap requires management support to drive the organizational changes that are usually necessary. Unfortunately, that support is not always forthcoming. During a recent conversation with the CFO of a public company, I suggested treating IT as a center for innovation. This CFO rebuffed the suggestion, making clear that cost reduction is his primary goal for IT. This story paints a realistic picture of present-day relationships between management and the CIO in many organizations.

Whether the business knows it or not, IT is going to become (if it is not already )the most powerful tool they have for innovation and expansion. As digitization continues to grow, IT will not only be the gatekeepers for companies, but also the innovators and creators. It’s important that CIOs stand prepared to guide their companies into the new era of IT—and thereby the new era of business.

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