Asia-Pacific is the Fastest in ITIL Adoption

Victoria Ho of ZDNet.com talks about a survey presenting where the adoption rate of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices is at its peak worldwide: the Asia-Pacific region, wherein 59 percent of the 73 survey respondents said they managed their SAP environments as part of an ITIL initiative. IT service management seems to boom well with business companies in the area. The survey also showed majority of organizations implement ITIL best practices as their framework of choice. The adoption of ITIL in Asia has so far been led by companies and countries that rely heavily on IT, with regulatory requirements are forcing them to do so. For example, already a number of companies in Singapore have adopted ITIL and more intend to do so moving forward. Others such as Taiwan, South Korea and China are also markets where ITIL will be widely adopted. In China, companies are looking to ITIL has a way to establish business processes that can be scalable to keep pace with fast growth.

Although there is still an obvious gap on ITIL awareness between the Asia-Pacific and the United States on ITIL awareness, globalization and demand for services have somewhat fast-tracked the region’s IT services management and continuously gain more momentum. Asia-Pacific countries such as India and the Philippines have committed on ITIL adoption, this is due to the need to meet the growing outsourcing demands by most companies based there.

Business organizations around the world must first understand what ITIL is all about and also be realistic about existing IT services management process maturity. The ITIL framework appears to be firmly recognized, accepted, and used, best practice framework for ITSM across the globe, as evidenced by many IT organizations now adopting and implementing it. As ITIL continuous to spread around the world, it is up to organizations to securely implement this in their respective IT services management and keep up with the rest.

Read the Original Article: http://www.zdnet.com/itil-adoption-fastest-in-asia-pacific-2062030222/

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