7 Ways to Ruin a New Employee

Jeff Haden writes an article for CBS MoneyWatch that runs contrary to a lot of the conventional wisdom regarding employee training. He thinks you might be ruining employees before they have even begun.

Road to Ruin

The first thing he says not to do is welcome them into the “family,” because they were hired to work and personal relationships should be developed later. Hold off on providing context as to how their work fits into the big picture, because mastering the basic duties that they were hired to fulfill is most important. Give immediate feedback on what employees could be doing better, because the longer you wait, the harder it is to correct the behavior. Set immediate, executable goals from Day 1, so that employees are creating value for the business and themselves. Even if it sounds risky, do not leave gaps in the schedule, because it does not look good when your new hire is made to just sit around waiting. If employees want to modify processes, tell them to hold off until you are sure they understand how the current process works. Only provide empowerment to employees when it has been earned. For a more in-depth discussion, you can read Haden’s full article here:

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