6 Ways to Train Your Employees on the Cheap

“Done well” and “done cheap” are the two goals of business, and Mary K. Pratt at Computerworld aims to help you accomplish both with your training of new employees.

Training from the Bargain Bin

Above and beyond cross-training, you can rotate employees through assignments involving new and different technologies to keep them excited and engaged. You can also set up forums a couple times a month for IT workers to present ideas or for employees to lead discussions in other departments; it will only cost you about a hundred bucks in food. Along those same lines, when, for instance, a company’s law firm comes to talk to the accounting department, invite IT to attend as well, and vice versa. Try to set up similar opportunities with other companies as well. But within the business, set up programs that allow people to pair up and learn from each other, such as a new coding language. You should also set up an in-house formal mentoring program, because outside mentoring can cost thousands while in-house mentoring costs pennies by comparison. For more details, you can read Pratt’s original article here:

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