5 Tips for Taking Time Off Work for a Sick Child

Family comes first, and any business worth working for will understand when you have to take off work to care for your sick child. Jennifer Skrable offers up the best ways to go about doing it.

A Parent’s Work is Never Done

First, try to have some contingency plans ready to go. If work is truly important, it can be helpful if you have a family member or friend who might be able to watch your child for the day. Understand your company’s leave policies, because sometimes you can use sick leave to care for your sick child. Be honest with your boss about why you cannot be there and he or she will likely sympathize with your situation. Just try not to make promises you cannot keep about getting work done from home, because who knows what you will actually have time for when little Veronica is busy puking her face off. Finally, remember not to feel guilty about taking off. You are a parent first and an employee second. You can read Skrable’s full article here:

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