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5 Tips For Getting Ready For Service Integration

Service Integration is Still a Big Deal

Service integration was a big topic last year—and still is in 2014 as well. In this post from Forrester, Sandy Winschief shares a few ways that you can prepare. To start with, planning ahead is never a bad way of getting ready:

Plan ahead; think about what would need to be changed in existing contracts to ensure you can transfer management of suppliers to the SI provider. Do you currently have that right or is it a right only if you get consent? Have your legal team draft a comprehensive clause that states if you outsource IT functions or otherwise decide to transfer management to a third party, then you can do so upon simple notification. Ensure that the clause goes into all new contracts and is inserted as an amendment at renewal time.

Have an Escape Route

Steps like these protect your company from being locked in with a service provider who might not have your best interests in mind (or, more likely, one that at some point during the life of the agreement isn’t quite the best fit anymore). Simply planning ahead can save your company time and money, and it doesn’t take much to develop tactics to avoid problems down the line.

In that same vein, make sure the data you have is up-to-date in regards to contract and supplier information. A service provider will certainly want this data, and having it on hand and current is a good way of setting the tone for the relationship and saving time for both you and the SI.

Even if you do not choose to engage with a service provider, following the steps listen in this article are great for “housekeeping” and tightening up the processes that may have become loose over the years.

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